Coda Luma Violin Bow


Coda are, without doubt, our best-selling bows throughout their price range; offering superb value for money across the entire product range. Coda, in the USA, using advanced modern design techniques, produce beautifully balanced bows with diamond weave graphite sticks, providing superb performance and total durability – for all grades of player; from student to professional.
And, if you’re in any doubt at all, any of the range are available on 7 days paid approval.

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“Enlightened performance”

With a nod to the great French bowmakers Lamy and Voirin, the LUMA has a high, shimmering timbre as silky as its handling.

The Aero frog design off-loads the hand while the lightness of the shaft allows a facile and nimble response for flashy, technical passages. The bow’s silvery tone and graceful agility is well-suited to intimate settings, blends well in ensembles, and is sought by players of all styles.

It appeals especially to players desiring lightness in weight and character.

Ideal for players progressing through Intermediate / Advanced Grades 5-8.

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